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Roni* had ideas of running a Blog back in 2008. Before she even really understood what a Blog was. In those days, online was all about Websites. And of course Facebook.  Both were still quite busy with their young kids, working for others. Time would pass and eventually T* was deployed by the USCG, to assist in coordinating reservists for “Deep Water Horizon”. You remember it? The massive Oil Spill in the Gulf. T* was stationed in New Orleans, LA and was quite the assest for the USCG. Nicknamed, “The China Doll, With a Sailor Mouth”. T* was locked into her Reservist gig, as a Chief Warrant Officer 3. As for Roni*, she was ending much of her various PT Projects for  So Cal Small Businesses. As she was getting ready to travel to Europe for her home schooling gig. Juggling, home & work life. Roni* decided to reach out to T* and develop this Blog Idea. You know, see if she would be interested in working together. Always, entertaining, hosting or attending something, creating party decor/favors/menu items, for themselves or others. They both share Entrepuneurial Spirits, selling their crafty or vintage items on the side. This shop, that shop. And they both spent a fair amount of time together, continuing to do so. Not to mention both of them have many of the same interests (No Doubt, Rockabilly, Vintage, New Orleans, Paris, Sailors, Costuming). At that time, T* was thinking she may only want to be a contributor. So the blog sat… Waiting for the right time, the right moment…
“Twins, are like the same sheet of music played in a different tune”. It is so TRUE! Perfectly Said.
On the weekend of their 39th birthday, surrounded by Entrepenuers. A highly, creative group of business owners. They decided right then and there, to get this thing Going! Finalizing a launch date within a year! “40 & Blogging” became their new Mantra!
On October, 1st 2014 that Mantra became reality. Nine days shy of their 40th birthday. FROLICKING GYPSIES was officially launched! Originally, intended to showcase Party Ideas, Entertaining Styles and Crafty ways. They quickly learned they had so much more to SHARE! Now, all of you fine Ladies and Gents get to read about many of their adventures, DIY’s, and just about everything these TWINS get their hands on. Hello, LIFESTYLE BLOG! Based in Southern California, as T* lives in Huntington Beach and Roni* in Fontana.
Today, you can SHOP FG HairyScary accessories, keychains, vintage items, and more through SQUARE  & ETSY Shops. Also view FG Vlogs via their Frolicking Gypsies Youtube channel!
Here are a Few FUN Facts:
We’re identical mirror image twins, only 2 minutes apart. We both joined the United States Coast Guard just after graduating high school. T* served 5 years Active Duty, Roni* 4 years Active Duty. Stationed on sister ships based out of Honolulu, Hi. Finishing our tours on land units. We had a DOUBLE WEDDING, huge Catholic Mass, Italian/Mardi Gras theme. The reception was held at the historic Guasti Mansion Ontario, CA. Our husbands and children are close even though we don’t live down the street from each other. We use FaceTime, Landlines to collaborate and meet up to work on projects. You can find us working from home via our studios, running around town (Orange County, Inland Empire, or Los Angeles) between errands, kiddo activities, traditional/home school events, or out and about volunteering. You might also catch us at a cafe, happy hour, bonfire or bbq visiting with friends and family. We are Libras and self-confessed gypsies.
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