Book Club 2.0 “Read With Us”



It’s been a few months since we’ve talked about our Book Club, but we do have one.  Have you noticed our “Currently Reading” on our home page?  We update it every 4-6 weeks depending on when our new book is announced.  Roni hosted our book club back in October 2015; you may remember her “What’s Up Witches?” blog and vlog post.  We had so much fun.  Of course, she has an amazing spacious home, that is easy to entertain in.  Mine not so much.  In the event that our group doesn’t host at their home, which is more often than not.  Tip Alert: We pick a restaurant to meet, eat and discuss our latest read.

Last week it was my turn.  I’m the only Orange County girl in club so far…this is where I call out my friends Darcy? Candace? want to join?  Our group has been ever gracious in meeting me Tip Alert: half way.  HB is pretty far from the I.E. on a week night.  Many people make the daily commute for their jobs but this girl, oh no the traffic is a major buzz kill.  Anyway~ we had the BEST time meeting up last week at Jimmy’s Famous America Tavern.  This is a new shopping center concept involving Whole Foods where only sustainable, farm to table, freshly made food is served at the restaurants in their centers.  The food was good, mac n cheese to die for.  Roni and I enjoyed Tip Alert: splitting the Sofia’s Skinny Partida’ Margarita ( Partida Blanco, Agave Nectar, muddled Citrus, Cucumber, Mint 6) too.  So so good.  My point is that you can host a Book Club at a home or just meet up at a restaurant.

We make it fun and as easy as possible to host.   The hostess always chooses the venue, brings questions about the latest read ( I cut and paste mine into a word doc from authors page or whatever I find quickly on google,) sometimes their are party favors (Niki gave us the cutest tea cup and saucer sets one time,) and/or a prize for whoever got a specially marked question.  So come “Read With Us” next up Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler.


Book Club Night Out

  1. Pick venue (house or restaurant)
  2. Travel time (consider meeting half way to accommodate book club members that don’t live in your town, alternate months you meet local or halfway)
  3. Split (Roni and I split cocktails all the time, no backwash here)
  4. Photo Op (take some photos for your group book club page on Facebook)
  5. Facebook (create a page that can be updated with photos of group, places you met-up, book you’re reading and create events and files (we have a rotation doc we update))



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