Filter FUN! with @acolorstory app

How many of us use filters for fun?  I mean we use them, of course, to touch up our selfies like dark circles under our eyes, or blend in the blotchy skin.  But what about just for random fun photos?  Roni has been super into A Beautiful Mess “ABM” blog and apps for a while now.  I’ve just started to experiment with their filters and effects.  Especially for photos that are kind of well boring but are actually cool focal points.  So check this out for a fun twist for your Instagram post.

  1. Cool photo of stacked lifeguard towers side by side.  But the blue sky, blue towers all blend in.

2.  Let’s try to add a little flare effect and a fun filter like bananas from ABM @acolorstory app with a little cropping.

3.  WOW!  Now I have something that even my husband thinks is frameable.

Now go have some fun with your photos. – T*

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