“Happiness” To Go! Glück Cafe Kreuzberg Berlin


Glück Cafe Cappuccino









Yesterday, Logan and I ventured out a bit on our own… to buy Bette Lou’s “Cutest Skirt Ever”, Post Cards and stop by the Grocery Store. We found the most adorable, hip, and fun posts at a local “Fantasy Book Store”~ Where goods range from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Big Bang Theory. More on Bette Lou’s “Cutest Skirt Ever” and “Fantasy Book Store” later (they both merit their own write ups). Tradition in our household~ before we go grocery shopping… We MUST get a SNACK! As my momma taught me, you never go grocery shopping on a empty stomach! Something, now engrained in our kids minds.

We decided to stop in Glück Cafe. A cafe, located a few doors down from the Fantasy Book Store. I had photographed their outside table a couple of days ago… I loved the color scheme, and enjoyed how cafe’s here in Berlin, supply blankets to use while you are on their patios. Glück translated means “Happiness”. Everything about this cafe is HAPPY, Healthy, Homemade and available to go!


Glück Cafe


Kreuzberg Blankets Cafe


Still in breakfast mode, I settled on a Cappuccino & Cosy Rosy. Settled, really isn’t the right term I should be using… because both were delightful! I couldn’t have made better choices!

Glück Cappuccino & Cosy Rosy

Glück Cosy Rosy









The Cosy Rosy! A “Very Special” Yogurt said our hostess. Who by the way, was completely sweet and hospitable. She spoke beautiful English… (We are absolutely spoiled!) The Cosy Rosy, is a thick yogurt (yogurt drained over night, to release all the liquid), with Vanilla, Saffron and dried Raspberries cost 2.50 euro’s. I LOVED it!

The hostess and whom I believe to be her husband and owners of this Cosy Cafe are pleasurable… charming… The hostess, said Logan must try the “Organic Flying Fries”… The best! Logan was not disappointed.

Glück Flying Fries









They also have a variety of Vegan Burgers made from Zucchini and/or Soy… I forgot to mention she gave us samples of their popular cold drinks “Jucy Lucys”! Happy Lucy and Sunny Lucy! Juices made with the likes of Ginger, Pomegranate, Rose Petals, Red Grapes and Apples. We HEART Glück CAFE!!! R*

Glück Cafe Juicy Lucy

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