Who are you wearing? Ok, more like… What am I wearing? ;D Inivited! At Home Oscar Viewing Party~ Now, What do I wear?!


The Oscars are a pretty big deal around here. Growing up within minutes to an hour from Hollywood itself… We rather enjoy getting in the Award Season Mood. As T* mentioned in our previous post, hosting an Oscar Party to view the red carpet and award show is quite easy– Yet… Now, what do you wear? Even co-hosting it, I asked myself that same question. Here are some ideas for guests and for lady hosts. Sorry, guys, as of yet, we have not had a guy counter part host our Oscars Soirée.

For Guests:

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For the Hostess:

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For Everyone!

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Btw, is everyone just LOVING the “We All Dream In Gold”. Theme?! To view all this years– The Oscars 2016 88th Academy Awards– Posters (They are so GREAT!) visit Oscar.go and view the poster slide show. I promise you will LOVE them! R*

The Oscars 2016 Poster Image Provided by Oscar.go

All other Images Provided by FG Pinterest Board. For more Oscars Style & Outfit ideas visit & follow our Pinterest Board(s)

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