Long time NO post…What’s been going on?

Well, Roni hit the nail on the head, where have we been?  What have we been up to?  Haven’t had a lot of time to post these last couple months.  So I decided to scroll through my photos and see where all my time has gone to.

You know the reality is, I always think I’m going to have more time in the summer.  Then life happens and I haven’t logged on very much.  But here it goes, I’ve been up to a whole lot of everything.  Along with thinking you have more time in the summer, I’ve also thought I would have more time because my kids are older.  The truth is, it’s a new kind of busy.  It’s now full of college planning, high school sports camps and just maintaining our mental health.  Maintaining your mental health is a REAL thing.  That’s another post on a different day.  For now, my purpose is to snap shot what’s been going on for me.  Roni touched based on a bit of it.  We started our summer with a SLAB LEAK!  Actually, we discovered it during Trent’s last week of school.  Oh, the timing.  Never perfect and that leak rolled right through to Sophia’s last week of school.  She got the brunt of it because the leak flowed into her bedroom.  So she was uprooted from her sleeping quarters and we suffered with the loud fans for 4 days while she slept on our couch in the garage.  Just horrible.  Our insurance cleared us for a 5-night stay in a hotel.  That was an upgrade in some ways but it was further from school, our dog wouldn’t settle in with all the new smells and it just really was a lot of back and forth.

Due to our slab leak, our floors had to be redone in our family room, Sophia’s room and then we decided to update our kitchen with a quick facelift.

Oh did my caption say a quick facelift?  Haha, trying to deal with insurance adjusters, floor guys, counter guys, picking out materials, endless runs to home depot etc… It wasn’t quick but it was a long 6 weeks.

In between handling our slab leak issues, we managed to fit in a couple new memories.

We hosted July 4th and enjoyed our neighborhood party in the park 3 legged race and all.  Our family friends invited us to watch Trent’s long time skateboarding friend Tom Schaar throw the first pitch at the Pardre’s game (we took the train that was an adventure), we’re trying to get into a regular volunteer schedule at the Aquarium, I’m also trying to get back in shape by walking the beach with my gal pal Jessica (8 mos preggers), and we fit family in whenever they’re in town.  We celebrated my cousins birthday with a bar crawl and cousin slumber party.

Then we have the obvious OBLIGATIONS we’ve made.  Dinner with the boss, skate trips, sports camps, dental exams and watching Sophia promote from 8th grade.  I made her Nutella leis.

One of the coolest highlights of our summer and historic moment for Huntington Beach was watching the World Record be set for most surfers ever to paddle out.  After 4 grueling hours of mustering the surfers, paddling out in rough conditions, and scrapping the Olympic Ring float; my family and friends did not drown!  I’m so proud of them because I was worried about SHARKS until the current kept taking them back and forth.  I attended the event as a bystander to take countless photos.  Here is a couple of my faves.

In the bottom left photo, you can spot me in the Navy hat and my CG denim jacket on the right. This is actually a Los Angeles time photo. See the agony in Sophia’s face when they realize they have to paddle out to the other side of the pier. Such an amazing moment to be a part of.

There are so many other moments that have filled my time the last couple months.  These are the true HIGHLIGHTS.    I will always make time for family, friends and a stunning sunset.  I stop for SUNSETS.

Happy Summer! – T*


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