Meet Roni*


On any given day you’ll find me wearing a Marvel Comics, Harry Potter, sometimes, even a Snow White loose T-shirt, capri tank layer, leggings and boots. Today you find me in a Victorian Inspired look for our newest FG Venture “Trick or Treat Mamas“. My Fav Marvel Super Hero is THOR. Yep, THOR, The MIGHTY THOR. Mostly, because I LOVE Stan Lee’s Cameo in that film! I ALWAYS have COFFEE or a CAPPUCINNO to START my DAY! I seriously, wouldn’t have any friends and my family would strongly dislike me, if I didn’t! LOL


Been with my man, MY LOVE, Eric Dawson since 1990. Though we didn’t start dating until Spring of our Sophomore year, we met in 8th grade! A few break-ups or 2… Got Hitched in 1995. 1st house in 1999. 1st child in 2000.


Me & Eric. Berlin 2015. Training myself in photo editing. Diggin’ the Raybeams!


Our PARTY of 5. Bette Lou*, Logan, Eric/I, and Jaden. In my opinon, this is one of the best depictions of our family.



I think I secretly, want to create POST CARDS.  I took these PHOTO’s!

My first civilian job was a Museum Curator. I had dreams of being a bonafied Art Historian. My Degree is in Business Management. I entered the Home School world 4 years ago. This year I have 1 home schooler and 2 traditonal school kids (Well, one goes to a performing art school). I love to travel and have lived in both Paris, France and Berlin, Germany. I LOVE paper crafts, Art and Interior Design. I make a delicious Chicken Pasta Dish w/ a White Wine, Lemon, Butter, Cream Caper Sauce. I am getting better at BAKING! I live by, ENJOYING the process. No matter what it is, cleaning, or working on an event/project. My Fambam is pretty darn ARTSY & LOYAL USC Fans! Eric is an incredible ARTIST. He is my biggest SUPPORTER & we are TRULY BEST FRIENDS. Every year, he throws an Annual St. Patrick’s Day Pub inspired open house.

“Simple, yet Effective” ~ Don Drapper, Madmen.

Layering and making things look like they’ve always been, is my thing. Both in my personal style and home decor. I am in awe of a gorgeous graphic. I do a bit of tech. And enjoy a good party! FROLICKING GYPSIES, is one of the most OPTIMAL things I have done for myself, LIKE EVER. Seeing it grow and develop Trick or Treat Mamas, just makes me so DAMN EXCITED! T* is one of my BEST gifts!

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Xo, Roni*