Meet T*



Most of the time you will see me dancing to the side.


This is the love of my life Paxton (married 20 years) and our children.  We do a Christmas card every year.


My kids and I volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.  It took me 5 years to get this pin.


We’re identical mirror image twins but sometimes we can look very different.  Roni* is my best bestie.


If you see HOTNFNC “Hot and Fancy” on a So Cal road or beachside its us.


We dress up for Halloween parties.  Last year we went as our fave Saved By the Bell couple. Cricut iron on and circle cut-outs w/text.

Blogging and Vlogging are my new passion.  This summer I will put my Coast Guard adventures to rest when I retire from the reserves after 23 years of service.  I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and enjoy putting it to use when we are working on an event.  I love the ocean, good people and being kind.  The best way to cure disappointment is to produce something.  I’m a modern day house wife that has a knack for sewing, cooking and making  a mess.  I do not enjoy housework, like at all.  I’m always laughing at myself. hahaha

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