Roni* and an IphoneX

A beautiful day at Victoria Gardens. While waiting for our walk-in appointment at the Apple Store (my middle kiddo, got the green line). We ended up with 3.5 hours, to wander about. The green line issue on the iPhoneX didn’t limit the use of Logan’s portrait mode. Here he took a few shots of me out on these cool colored chairs in front of The Melt. Enhanced, by the A Color Story App.

Crazy cool, how quickly you can get a good shot. Without the mad rush of gathering a bunch of photo equipment. The iPhoneX is about as expensive a good camera (referencing Sony a6300 price point). Or as expensive as a piece furniture, lol. Which the kids and I totally joked about while lingering in Anthropologie. “Yep, Logan, you’re carrying a piece of furniture in your pocket!” haha!


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