Senior Photos! DIY Class of 2017

Ok, first I apologize to my photog friends because they are professional.  I am NOT!  But I happen to own some good gear thanks to my husband.  It’s a few years old, a little clunky but after a professional cleaning, it all still works.

Now, I may get a friend and family discount from my photographer friends but really for my nephew who is also one of my Godsons, I thought “Why not give it a try.”  After all, with all the senior year expenses maybe I could snap a couple photos myself and save my baby sis some dollar bills.  Of course, pinning a ton of ideas and tips helped too.  Definite, confidence builders.  My kids Trent and Sophia were down to be my assistants too.  Trent is in a photography class at school, has a couple tricks up his sleeves and likes taking photos.  Score!  Soph was an amazing Production Assistant, grabbing a tripod, music (get a playlist of your subjects favorite artist), etc…  Plus, I had hoped they would put their cousin at ease.

I had been thinking of spots “locations” and what he should wear for a couple months.  I mean when you’re on your own schedule you can really do whatever you want.  Why not choose a personal space for your senior? Or something historic from the town they live in?  Because we were on our own schedule, not a quick 20-minute Mini-session or a set location studio vibe we had a lot more freedom.  For instance, the school was a little busy so we opted for the winery first.  Which was perfect because NO ONE was there for their weekly taco Tuesday night yet.

We finally got our schedules together and this is what we came up with.

1. His high school.  Our options were in front of the school mural, on the field near the goal post (he was an offensive lineman), maybe the bleachers.

Props were his football, jersey and class ring.  I LOVE this shot.

Krissy was able to check out his jersey and thanks to Pinterest this was a fun shot.

2. Joseph Filippi winery because hello… he lives in Rancho Cucamonga, CA the home of the grape festival and producer of wine.  Mostly port.

Lucky for us we were the only ones there on a Tuesday afternoon.

3. Vineyards.  Actually, this particular spot has a gorgeous view of the mountain landscape behind it.  We have driven past it a hundred times because Roni actually lives in a neighborhood close by.  It was a cloudy day and I love the vineyard lines with all the green.  We are finally out of the drought in California.

Krissy was able to check out a cap & gown with a 2015 tassel.

4. Now plan to take a shot with a simple background like this one; it was actually at the winery.  Then crop in and use a b&w filter.  This is a fave where we captured Isaiah wearing his class ring.  Reference photo 2 in the background.  This was taken under the WINERY sign.

Like I said, I’m not a professional photographer or photo editor.  I’m sure my phototog friends can tell.  But you know what? Most of us can’t.

Cheers to the Class of 2017!  Happy Graduation Isaiah, we love you. – T*

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