St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s Get READY to STUMBLE! Cire’s Pub Style

476862_10150866331898852_1973416908_o It is WELL KNOWN around our part of town, that my husband Eric throws down on St. Patrick’s Day. Every year, our home turns into “Cire’s Pub” (Eric spelled backwards, yes we got Oprah on that lol). A St. Patrick’s Day TRADITION. No matter what day of the week. Eric will start cooking by 9 am, drink a Guinness by 9:01 and keep it going all day long. On the Pub Tele Boondock Saints & Snatch. Irish Folk songs are heard in the background. And everyone who knows about it, knows this is not an invite only, but more like, if you know us, know him, you are welcome to stop by and have a BEER & get Good Eats on this fine American Embraced Holiday!

For EVERYONE is IRISH! On St. Patrick’s Day!

The back story of Cire’s Pub St. Patrick’s Day Open House.

Eric is Irish on his bio-dads side and Filipino on his moms side. And because he didn’t grow up knowing his “Ryan” Family~ He does an Ode to his Irish Ancestors on this day.

Decorations: I don’t over decorate or lady up the place. I simply shop our house and pull all our “Green Items” together. I have an old Irish Folktales book that always comes out. A Happy St. Patrick’s Day store bought banner. Everyone wears GREEN. Overall, it’s my husbands PUB and I rather enjoy the rustic, keep it simple, vibe.


IMG_4246 Irish Corned Beef~ with cabbage (Bill Bailey’s found at Costco). Our St. Patrick’s Day planning always kicks off when we purchase the Irish Corned Beef.

Beef Stew~ with potato, carrots, leeks, Shepards Pie, & Rolls. Pretzels, Sea Salted Chips, Nuts. Guinness, Irish Whiskey, maybe an Irish Sangria this year, Specialty Rootbeer for our kiddo’s, Irish Coffee, and Water. We do have dessert on occassion, but it’s limited. Most people don’t eat a lot of sweets when drinking!

460884_10150866332658852_1469855038_o 457533_10150866351238852_1092203070_o 469450_10150866348128852_637969635_o 469955_10150866362763852_562415741_o St. Patrick’s Day is Such a GREAT TIME! All families should have that Special Something, THAT Tradition they are known for!

A family of Irish birth will argue and fight, but let a shout come from without, and see them all unite. ~  Cheers! R*

For more Irish Sayings (there are some GREAT Ones!) Visit: 25 Irish Sayings to Live By~ BBC America.

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    March 9, 2017 at 5:33 am (2 years ago)

    Went to a couple of concerts at San Javier Jazz Festival this year which started at 2330! Got home after the hour’s drive at about 0330. In June it’s still warm in the night but I wo&1dnu#82l7;t want to do it at this time of year!


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