Swing Batta, Batta SWING! ~ Who gets Lucilled?! The Walking Dead TWD



YES! A WELL DESERVED BREAK from Politics this Weekend!

I don’t know about you but leaving us hangin’ last season with the NEWEST SUPER VILLAN on Television NEGAN! Swinging his beloved Lucille, left us to wonder who of our dear extended family members got Lucilled?!



Let me say… I have had my theories of who the victim could be… since our TV Screen was Blood splattered! Lots of folks claiming Glenn! Lots of folks claiming Abraham!

Glenn, NO WAY! He’s been our Fun-Teen, Turned Persuasive Sound of Reasoning-Humanitarian… We are nothing if we are not Humane.


He’s about to be a PAPA! Just can’t see it. I just don’t want to believe it!

And Abraham…

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Silver Portraits - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Even though, he may have had his moment or moments… finding LOVE, Finding a Bigger Reason to Survive. I don’t think we’re ready to be rid of the Soldier Sass. < I think I just coin phrased that! So many ridiculous – smart sayings via Abraham.


Here’s my take:


YES! EUGENE! His story is DONE! What more can he bring? He gave the Bullet Recipe to RICK ALREADY! He got to FINALLY DRIVE THE RV! Only to get CAUGHT! UGH… so annoying… he’s Done, If he isn’t? He NEEDS TO BE DONE. Abraham, is the ONLY ONE who knows where to make the bullets…

Here’s My WILD CARD:




He completely exposed ALEXANDRIA and has been trying to make up for it ever since. I know there might be some outrage within the LGBT community on this one… I was literally told this at a convention I went to this past summer. When I told this guy my theory on Aaron.

Let me tell you, if Glenn goes… The Asian community will be in an up roar, that via my husband… I know we have to face it, people are going to die… Our favorite people included!

Let us see… how horribly we struggle through the 1st part of this season. Jesus, knows (no pun intended) I struggled seeing our town hero’s being demoralized… I just can’t stand it!

Then there’s the lingering of 2… Our ultimate TWD Survivors!


May they become part of the 4 horsemen! I haven’t and won’t read the comic. One can’t help but see the Biblical references, “The Man” who Morgan returns the horse to and then precedes to ask him for help. The horsemen of the Apocalypse, Book of Revelation. We also see clips of  Ezekiel the leader of “The Kingdom”? Oh! how we LOVE a GREAT RESCUE!

So? Who’s suffering with me his SUNDAY?! Who’s gonna get LUCILLED?!

What’s your theory? Do tell!


P.S. If it is Glenn… it better be a GOOD DEATH!

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    Heckuva good job. I sure apecirpate it.


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