“The Coven” House Garden District~ New Orleans, LA


The Coven House

The Coven House


Gypsy Witches

Gypsy Witches

The Buckner Mansion 1853, located in the heart of the Garden District New Orleans, LA.

A sought out day trip for many, especially the fans of American Horror Story. Where last Season “The Coven” was filled with creepy, supernatural plot lines. Captivating architecture and song lyrics. We tuned in as the season of “The Coven” AHS was going to be one of a kind. NOLA film locations entice and lure you like no other. Actresses Kathy Bates portrayed insane “Madame LaLaurie” Marie Delphine Lalaurie socialite serial killer and Angela Bassett as Voodoo queen Marie Laveau. We could chat all day about the frolicking joys we had last season, from Stevie Nicks appearances and good ol’ Southern Hospitality NOLA Style. Who doesn’t like a witch who can enchant you with a simple smile… Jessica Lange… Yet, today… we’ll try and stay focused on the grander of Mansion Beauty… The Buckner Mansion.

The Buckner Mansion is located on Jackson Avenue. Built by Henry Sullivan Buckner. Mr. Buckner “Cotton King” commissioned architect Lewis E. Reynolds to build the 20,000 square feet, Southern Ante-Bellum mansion.

Buckner Mansion

Buckner Mansion

Haunted by Miss Josephine. Who is said to be a slave who stayed on staff after the Civil War ended. She sweeps and the scent of lemon reminds you of her presence throughout the home. Her apparition has been seen on the stairs, lights turn on and off, chandeliers have been said to swing for over an hour, doors open and close by themselves. All the makings of a proper haunting.

Feel like getting spooked? Buckner Mansion is available to rent! You heard right! You can rent your very own Garden District Mansion. Price? a mer $20,000… Surely, worth a $20,000 splurge for a Southern Experience most can only dream of! You can best believe our friends are willing to chip in and plan a month long vacation… In the Garden District… a dream, a pure delighted dream… Want to rent it? visit vrbo.com for more information.

Iron Fence

Enter if you dare~ 160 years old fence, with Honeysuckle motif…

Buckner Mansion was used for Soulé Business College from 1923 until the 1970s. One can find more history of The Buckner Mansion including pics on house-crazy.com.

The Garden District best viewed by Trolly Streetcar from French Quater to Uptown via St. Charles Avenue $1.25 each way. Possibly the best $2.50 you will ever spend.

St. Charles Avenue Streetcar

The Buckner Mansion merited 2 trips from these wanna-be Southern Bells. Once to make sure we saw it and the 2nd because we knew we had to come back donning our Witchy/Goth Wears. The Buckner Mansion in the heart of the Garden District, New Orleans, LA. Will always have a piece of our Gypsy Hearts… R*

For Behind the scenes of “The Coven” Buckner Mansion New Orleans, LA visit nola.curbed.com.

Photo Creds: Paxton Bowman

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