You’ve Got Mail! Care Packages DIY

Who doesn’t love good old fashion snail mail?  Unless it is a bill you weren’t expecting or some type of notice; mail is fun to receive.  Especially a care package for you.  I mean really, an amazon box is like Christmas year round.  Seriously, though, a homemade care package is always well received.

Why not include a postcard from where you’re from.

We recently had a friend that was hospitalized for a while.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury.   It was devasting to hear about.  The good news is he’s on the mend.  With all the hospital cost a Go Fund Me was started in his name and we are planning to make a financial donation too.  But we really wanted to send something personal.

A few items we pulled together.

Here is what we did:

  1. A Large box from USPS lined with positive message wrapping paper w/a postcard from where we live.
  2. A Get Well card.
  3. A few boxes of popular Girl Scout Cookies (I was stuck buying them anyway.)
  4. Deck of Cards in a fun theme.  This one was craft beer.
  5. Super cute googly eyed stuff animal.  This cat (matched our card) was too cute to pass up and totally frivolous.
  6. Finished up with origami cranes we made at the request of his parents.  1.000 Cranes

Orgami Cranes we each made one.

Praying and wishing for our friend Andy to have a 100% recovery. – T*

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